Welcome to The Knitting Connection!

The Knitting Connection is a website for people who are passionate about knitting!  I created this site because I absolutely love knitting and I wanted to develop a pool of valuable knitting information for fellow knitters and a resource of inspiration and support for all your knitting projects.

The Knitting Connection offers valuable knitting information for  knitters worldwide who have just begun to knit and people who have been knitting for many years.

Over the coming months I will be adding knitting patterns, knitting ideas, knitting wool, knitting stitches, knitting instructions, and great knitting books and magazines. I will also have a beginners section with resources on how to get started and lots of wonderful information, colorful yarns and patterns for the advanced knitter too.

The Knitting Connection will also have high quality knitting accessories that will make your experience of knitting a complete pleasure.

Please click on the sections to find lots of goodies and do sign up for our regular newsletter  too for lots of useful information about knitting and yarns.

It is always great to hear from other knitters, so please do contact me with any questions and comments.

Happy knitting!

Best wishes